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At the heart of our unique venture are Jess and Lisa, two visionary wedding planners whose paths converged to redefine wedding planning and styling. 

Our journey began with Jem Wedding Planners and Forever After Events, two distinct brands synonymous with personalised, stress-free wedding planning and exquisite decor styling. As we merge these entities, we carry forward our legacy of crafting unforgettable moments, now with an expanded palette of services to make your special day truly yours.


Jess and Lisa are more than just wedding planners; they are architects of joy, curators of memories, and believers in fairy-tale endings. Their combined expertise, honed through years of transforming wedding visions into splendid realities, ensures that every aspect of your day is handled with care and creativity.

In this new chapter, we promise to deliver not just a service, but an experience - one where your desires are heard, your style is celebrated, and your wedding day becomes a seamless, beautiful reality. Let us embark on this magical journey together, creating memories that last forever after.



Lisa & Jess from Jem Wedding Planners

Behind every successful event orchestrated by Jem Wedding Planners are Jess and Lisa, our visionary founders, supported by an exceptional team: Kristy, Michelle, and Michelle. This dedicated group works in harmony to bring Jem's wedding concepts to life.


Their collective efforts ensure every detail is meticulously planned and every moment is seamlessly executed. Together, they form the backbone of our company, embodying the commitment, creativity, and care that Jem Wedding Planners is known for.



A group photo of the team from Jem Wedding Planners
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